Reference & case history

Our carried out turnkey projects: Based on prefabricated modular systems PHOENIX&ALBATROS

The emergency hospital, based on prefabricated modular system PHOENIX&ALBATROS, is designed as a tertiary hospital facility, in line with the classification of WHO-PAHO "Guidelines for the use of foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of sudden impact disasters ", in order to support the existing health care system either temporarily or over several years.

The emergency hospital is designed to provide basic health activities, including general surgery, laboratory and hospitalization unit, always following the guidelines for permanent hospitals.

Moreover, in the initial stage of its functioning, the emergency hospital is designed to ensure the health emergency activities such as triage, trauma, shock, surgery and emergency treatment.


  • emergency field hospital with 50 beds in Libya (Libyan Red Crescen) Benghazi


  • emergency field hospitals with 20 beds (MOH) Tchad


  • emergency field hospitals with 60 beds in Peru


  • emergency field surgical center in Libya (MoH) Al Beida (Tobruk)