Phoenix&Albatros System

turnkey facilities


Global partner

BIOETHIC is a consulting company and a supplier of goods and services.
Its field of expertise is design & engineering of structures and the related installation and support services, specifically designed for the use in emergency situations.

BIOETHIC designs and manufactures prefabricated modules for off-site construction and pre-assembled shelters for various civil uses.

The prefabricated modular units, based on PHOENIX & ALBATROS systems that BIOETHIC produces are:

  • for off-site constructions
  • for modular constructions
  • for constructions with partial pre-assembled systems (MEP)
  • reusable and replaceable
  • suitable for installation and protection of high-tech devices
  • adapted for total intermodal mobility and flexibility
  • easily and suitably usable in emergency situations.
  • ecologically sustainable
  • intended as appropriate and useful support in emergency situations and various projects anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the consolidated experience of our staff, gained in many countries of Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America and Asia, BIOETHIC is able to support and ensure emergency logistics contracts with NGOs, civil organizations, institutions, cooperation organizations, local and international organizations providing humanitarian aid as well as with all the United Nations agencies.


supports routine operations and emergency humanitarian assistance with supplies and logistics;

has specific expertise in management of health projects of any size and complexity, as well as in coordination of programs and in numerous activities related to modern health care;

specialized in setting up hospitals, laboratories and universities, thanks to a team of technicians and managers with considerable experience in projects around the world

draws up proposals with an excellent quality / price ratio