Technical and functional characteristics

A prefabricated metal modular system, to be assembled on-site without the need for ground preparation works.

Open system with the possibility to realize buildings of any shape and size with extreme flexibility in terms of possible modifications, extensions and reassembling, in accordance with various distribution schemes.

Transportable by standard means of transport (no special transport needed) or within ISO standard 20-foot containers, can be moved and installed manually, without the use of mechanical lifting devices

Quick and easy assembling (requires a small number of non-qualified nor specialized personnel); can be disassembled and reassembled several times with a total recovery of all its components; it does not require additional or supplementary elements; placed directly on the ground level without ground preparation or foundation works; particularly suitable even in the very early stages of an emergency situation.

Suitable for all phases of an emergency situation as well as for standard construction works

From the most diverse logistic destinations, up to the most complex buildings for community, medical and hospital use.

Fully autonomous use

Aluminum structure

No alteration and corrosion problems

ventilated interchamber which inhibits moisture rising from the ground.

isolated against atmospheric agents and against intrusion of animals and parasites.

Suitable even in the roughest weather conditions, hot or cold

comply with current legislation relating to traditional buildings

Both the single components and the assembled structure can be disinfected and sterilized

guarantees the safety of buildings and avoids intrusion of unauthorized persons.