Modular systems: Phoenix&Albatros

Our prefabricated modular systems, complete with all equipment, can be used in any situation that requires a rapid deployment of hard-walled systems for various uses.

The system is designed to be plug-and-play

Neither construction of foundations is required, nor any special preparation of the site, nor any civil engineering works.

The solutions that BIOETHIC can provide are specifically designed to support the activities of the following users at the final destination:

For whom?

  • Clients operating in remote and difficult areas
  • Aid agencies and NGOs
  • Refugee, worksite and miner camp projects


  • where the mechanical devices for installing any type of conventional prefabricated systems are not available
  • in emergency situations where being easily and immediately operational is required (in the shortest possible time and without logistical support: even with manual installation only)


  • housing, offices and schools, for temporary, semi permanent and permanent use
  • various deployable medical support facilities, including a complete field hospital
  • supporting facilities for emergency or development sanitation projects
  • supporting facilities for emergency or development education projects
  • supporting facilities for emergency or development projects requiring accommodation facilities for people: refugees, etc.


Main characteristics of the prefabricated system:

  • no site preparation required
  • modular system, allowing various functional configurations
  • supplied with installation kit
  • each component weights 80kg max
  • can be assembled manually
  • pre-wired electrical installation
  • pre-wired hydraulic system
  • when deployed as a field module it is comparable to inflatable tent, but unlike the tents this prefabricated system does nor require power supply for being put in service
  • when deployed as a field module it is comparable to inflatable tent, but unlike the tents this prefabricated system is fully sterilizable
  • after the system was deployed, 100% of its components are recoverable and replaceable even on a different site
  • intended not for single use but for multiple deployments
  • complies with the intermodal freight transport norms: standard dimensions of packaging allow this prefabricated system to be transported in a 20’ ISO-1CC container
  • Can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, efficiently transported over long distances and transferred from one means of transport to another - container ships, rail cars and truck trailers - without being opened.

For quick deployment, BIOETHIC can design and supply any type of functional mobile unit for rapid mounting and dismantling, including complex mobile units, such as field hospitals, schools, work site camps, refugee camps, as well as kitchens, washing units and other logistic support facilities needed at the site.

BIOETHIC is able to satisfy a wide range of design, engineering, logistics, and related maintenance services.

BIOETHIC customers are typically those who operate in extremely remote locations and challenging environments, such as:

International organizations engaged in emergency operations, relief missions and international cooperation projects

Government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specialized in emergency assistance and in humanitarian aid operations around the world

Private companies engaged in civil engineering works and oil, gas and construction companies operating around the world.



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